Junior/Dog Training Classes

Tailor made classes for Junior dogs over 5 months of age and adult dogs.

Classes are held at Sowood Community Centre HX4 9HY on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Location is ideal for dog owners living in the Halifax and Huddersfield areas and close to the M62 for those living further afield.

We are proud to have been one of the first Dog Training Clubs in the Country to offer set, structured courses for dogs and their owners. It is nice to see that more and more clubs in the area and further afield have looked at what we do and are following suit.

Be wary of dog classes that have a roll-on, roll-off system, where there is no beginning or end, and where dogs and owners are all at different stages of training on the same class.

Dog Training

Our Classes are designed for you. Owners who would like to have a well behaved dog at home. A dog that will walk nicely on lead without pulling, will come back to you when called off lead even with distractions and respond well to basic commands. Although classes are held at our indoor venue due to its semi rural location training will also be carried out outdoors for walking on lead and recall where we have the use of local fields. The course is specifically tailored to the teaching and training of dogs and their owners

Junior/Dog Training Course Content:

Walking on Lead- All our walks will be carried out outdoors ie local pavements - with the aim of teaching your dog to walk nicely on a loose collar and lead. We will not be using check chains or choke chains. There are many dog trainers however who think that teaching a dog to stop pulling when out on walks can be achieved by the owner walking their dog around an indoor arena in circles with treats in front of their noses, changing direction or stopping when their dog pulls. These methods may well work eventually in this artificial environment for short periods of time, but unlikely to work for many as the only options on normal daily walks.

Recall- Most owners tend to be okay in getting their dogs back when off lead in quiet areas, but struggle when the environment gets more interesting. ie other dogs, people. We will be looking at getting your dog back irrespective of distractions.

Responding well to basic commands, inc stay exercises- Again many owners struggle to get their dogs to respond to basic commands when out on walks or when visitors arrive at their home. We will be looking at getting your dog to respond to you even when the environmefnt is very doggy excitable!

Grooming and Handling- You will be surprised how many owners struggle to groom and handle their dogs without their dog trying to chew the brush, towel, or hands! By the end of the course you will be able to groom and handle your dog under control.

Control through doors- Some owners have lost a little control of their dogs even before they start their walk. ie their dog has dragged them out of the house and down the drive and the walk has become a trial even before they get to the pavement! We will be looking at leaving your home with your dog under control.

The first week of each course is without dogs. We will talk about how to communicate with your dog in a way in which your dog understands, some useful ground rules to have at home, how dogs learn, rewards and praise, , plus much more...

Get in Touch

Due to the high amount of recommendations we receive, courses tend to fill very quickly so book early to avoid disappointment. Maximum of 8 dogs per course. If you have a very difficult/unruly dog, experiencing problems such as aggression or your dog is reactive to others, would prefer to learn on an individual basis, would like to start training before the next schedules courses or unable to attend the classes for whatever reason, take a look at the information on our Home Visit page.

Bookings are now being taken for the above course starting on SUNDAY 12th APRIL 2020, where there are two classes.

* 9 - 10 a.m.   (  PLACES AVAILABLE )


and TUESDAY 7th APRIL 2020, where there is one class :

* 8 - 9 p.m. (  PLACES AVAILABLE )

The fee for the 8 week course is £80.00, and suitable for dogs 5 months of age and over that are sociable with other dogs/people. **Price includes if interested two free introductory lessons on our advanced class on a Sunday morning 10 - 11 a.m. once you have completed your eight week course.**

If you would like to enrol on any of the above courses, please get in touch by using the options on the contact us page  and we can post the enrolment form out to you. Alternatively  you can download and print the form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. If you decide to use this option please let us know by  email so we can reserve a place for you. You place will be booked once the enrolment form and course fee has been returned to us. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or you can arrange a bank transfer once we have received the form


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