UPDATED 04/06/2015

David, Since you came to see us and Buster last Thursday we have been following your plan and the difference in Buster is amazing. He is much calmer and now spends much more time laid on his matt, chilled out or playing with his toys. No barking when the phone rings, no barking in the car on the way to the park, no jumping up and humping visitors legs etc. Your plan has made an amazing difference in such a short timeThanks Paul & Jean

Hi David, Just a quick email to let you know that Sam is still walking on a lead without pulling. Myself and Kath still cannot believe that after reading books, searching the internet and attending obedience classes for months without much success , within minutes of you walking him he was just walking by your side and has done so ever since. As you said it's all about the technique. So Gratefull for your help Phil & Kath

Hello Mr Evans, Just like to thank you again for sorting out Max. As you know the behaviourists. vets we have dealt with in the past and even myself just ended up thinking he was a nuts dog. Thanks to my friend Brenda who recomended you to us, i still can't believe that you worked out it was the noise of the central heating boiler knocking on and off which was sending him bonkers. You are the dog whisperer Carrie Brooks

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