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Behaviour Consultations

We offer expert training in the Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and Leeds areas

Home visits are designed for you. Owners who are unable to make any of the scheduled courses, who have specific problems that cannot be resolved in a dog class environment or would prefer to learn on an individual basis. Sessions are tailored to suit the individual needs of dog and owner.

Training will be carried out at your home and where you walk/exercise your dog.

Although there are many dog trainers out there who offer home visits for dog training and behaviour problems, the vast majority's only real experience involves training their own pet dogs before setting up their business .Take a look at our qualifications and experience on the home page.


Most common training visits :

Walking on Lead- Helpful if your dog pulls when out on walks. Training will be carried out on collar and lead. NO CHOKE CHAINS

Recall- Scared to let your dog off lead ! This could be the home visit for you. We will be looking at getting your dog back irrespective of distractions.


Excitability- Does your dog greet everyone by jumping all over them! If so this will be the home visit for you


Basic Obedience- Sit stays, Down stays, Control through doors, Distance control etc.


Settle - Teaching your dog to settle when you would like them to do so is probably one of the best exercises you can teach your dog


Toilet Training- Teach your puppy/dog to toilet outside of the house rather than inside.


All Things Puppy - Examples include - Play Biting, Chewing, Jumping up, Excitability, Crate Training, Barking At Night, Pestering Older Dog etc etc etc

Puppy / Dog Training Home Visits  costs £90.00 per session and lasts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 HOURS. One or Two sessions is usually enough for individual problems. Price includes back up advice over the phone.


Book 4 puppy / dog training home visits  for £300.00 ( one session per week for 4 weeks) a saving of £60.00. This block booking will cover everything that the average pet dog owner would like. A well-behaved dog at home, a dog that will walk nicely on lead, will come back when called when off lead even with distractions and respond well to basic commands.

Package will be tailored for  puppies

Dog Training Home Visits



Most Common Behaviour problems:

Aggression- There are many many reasons why dogs can be aggressive or reactive to other dogs, strangers or even yourself. Apart from being dangerous it is also very stressful to both owners and dogs. Probably the most common comment we receive from clients is "why have we lived with this for so long when we now realise there is so much we can do to help"


Separation Problems- Issues with dogs barking, chewing when left alone for periods of time.


Noise Phobias- This is when your dogs gets frightened of thunder, fireworks,guns,traffic etc....


Chasing- Not just a recall problem when your dog has a tendency to chase livestock, cats, postmen, cyclists etc...


David has spent many years dealing with dog behaviour problems and due to his experience has been called upon as an expert witness in court where dogs are the centre of controversy..

PACKAGE 1 ( Aggressive or Reactive Dogs )

Initial 2 hour consultation, plus one 1.5 hour follow up visit and 3 months phone/email support If required. This package costs £210.

Initial consultation will be held at your home and the follow up visit can either be held at your house or at an appropriate location to work on the problem behaviour e.g. the park.

PACKAGE 2 ( Separation Problems / Noise Phobias / Chasing etc )

Initial 2 hour consultation plus 3 month phone/email support; £130.00

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Contact David to arrange any of the above dog training home visits, or behaviour consultations, by using the details on the contact us page.